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Surreal Estate 15 Thames Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Summer Session

Every Mon. and Wed. 6:30PM – 8:00 PM

From June 20th, 2011 to August 22, 2011

Course Fee $250

10 admitted per session.
SUBMIT to Writing Chaos bartlebysamsa65@gmail.com  

SUBMIT by June 19th: 1-5 pages poetry or prose. 1-5 pages, poetry or prose. 1-5 pages, poetry or prose poetry+prose == proetry. in the future will be proetry the future will be proetry the

Course Description:

From the New York School of poets and painters (Koch, O’Hara, Ashbery, Dekooning, Rivers, Rothko) to the Beats, through Lou Reed, Patti Smith in the sixties/early seventies, to Cathy Acker, Cookie Meuller, Eric Begosian in the punk era through the Language School poets and prose stylists in the 80s, NYC writers have led not only the country, but the world, in experimentation and innovation.

So what happened? Where is the “underground” now? True, six conglomerates own all Mainstream media on the planet, and true, NYC is not what it was when Beats/Punks could live cheaply in the lower east side or Brooklyn and devote time to their work. NYC has been Disneyfied and gentrified and generally fried on all sides.

But similar situations existed in the 50s, and before that, the Depression, when Oppen, Zukofsky and the Objectivists kept the flame alive; and before that, Henry Miller, Mina Loy, and NYC avant garde artists dating back to Walt Whitman.

The new “NYC avant garde” is us.

“Writing Chaos: New York Underground” will study the revolutionary NYC artists of the past so we can become the revolutionary NYC artists of the present. “Student” work will not be discussed or evaluated as such; that is, there’ll be no “work-shopping” or “writing by committee” or any of the other Academic money-makers that destroyed our literary and artistic inheritance. We will discuss each student piece the way we will discuss the now “canonized” works of the formerly “untutored” avant garde writers we’ll be reading. For style, meaning, intent, social and political relevance, etc. But NOT as “student pieces” that “work” or “don’t work” according to the Approved Aesthetic imposed by Corporate Book Publishers and Magazines upon the hapless, clueless mainstream hacks of tomorrow laboring away at the Iowa Workshop and it’s thousands of lucrative imitators.

Writing will be written and discussed on the model of “Imaginative Writing,” taught at Columbia University for over 40 years by the poet, Kenneth Koch, founder and leader of the famed “New York School” of writers and painters (Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollack, Jane Freilicher, John Ashbery, Frank O’Hara, James Schuyler, Koch and others).
This course will follow both the NYC avant garde tradition, and Koch’s method of reading the great experimental writers of the past century and imitating them, much as painters learn by imitating “the Masters” until they find their own style.

We will also study the music, photography, painting and drawing that inspired NYC avant garde writers to experiment with, and attempt to imitate, other art forms.

There will be a 1-3 page assignment every class. Course assignments will often allow writers to imitate the writers we read and attempt to incorporate elements of other media into their work.

This is both a reading and a writing course. Unlike a “writing workshop,” we will not “assume” that there are “correct ways” to construct poems and prose-pieces, but rather, through studying a variety of experimental writers of the past, the student will find his/her own unique style of communicating his/her vision.

TOPIARY: A Novel is by A. Stephen Engel (aka Adam Engel) you can look it up on the Web go look it up I HOPE MY CORPSE GIVES YOU THE PLAGUE is by Adam Engel you can look it up on the Web look it up. CELLA FANTASTIK is by Adam Engel you can look it up

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