Upcoming Events!

March 11th People With Teeth & Circus Show
March 12th Old Skool with DJ Jaze-Art Remote
March 13th Institute_Institut Focus Workshop (free) 2-5pm
March 18th A Night of Experimental Trios at Surreal Estate
March 19th SYNAESTHESIA with Outlier Recordings
March 20th O Pear Series: “End the War/End the Fed” Left Forum Afterparty
March 24th, 25th, and 26th at 8pm, March 27th at 3pm.
Aztec Economy (http://www.newyorkisdead.net/) presents:
Adventures in the OK Skin Trade

April 2nd Fluo Funk Installation Art Party

April 9th Our 3rd Annual Anarchist BookFair Afterparty
April 16th The Rights of Spring…a brainy bacchanal
Food Not Bombs Thursdays @ 11am
Yoga with Lama Ji Tuesdays @ 11am
Writing Chaos Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm

4 Responses to Upcoming Events!

  1. Tiffany says:

    dude! how are you guys! i’m moving back to BK for a month this july and was wondering if you’re still doing FnB? let me know, cuz i <3's the cooking. :)

  2. vaporboy says:

    what is Fn’B?

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