“O Pear” Variety Show

Wednesday, February 2, 7:00 – 9:15 then a dance party ’til 11:00

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve of the [Chinese] Year of the Rabbit

“O Pear”
a place to relax and have fun,
Twice monthly, sometimes thrice....February 2nd, Inaugural Salon

Features: Proto, the Protean Comic,
who will deliver the Protocol: as conceived by literary star & ex – copy writer,
Adam Engel.
As interpreted by
Jonah Ramu Cohen
“Oracle and Sage for Everybody like Us” by Jennifer Blowdryer,
“Reincarnation” Improvisation and interactional dance by Anne Bassen
Yoga Contortion Dancing,“Yoga Odyssey” celebrating beauty and pure movement
by Artist Amazing Amy Harlib
who performs Inspirational dance celebrating unique poetic movement:
Improvisational spoken word riffs
by Quinn Hechtkopf,
Interspersed with: “You Never Knew” Video mash-ups, pastiche from pop culture,
Slices of reality, with a bite.
Believe – it – or – not creatively
delivered news and information
-VJ’ed and curated by true-narrative searcher Marg Uerite,
Followed by DJ dance party @ 9:15
People who come for the earlier part of the evening, enter free.
Party like the New Year’s Eve it is…for the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.
Suggested donation: $10.


Please write to surrealestatenyc@gmail.com
ATTN: Pearl Chanter
if you would like to be involved in Surreal Estate’s latest monthly event:
“O Pear” variety show,
showcasing talent of all kinds
in addition to .
A gathering for underground personalities with a wealth to share,
friends and strangers stimulate exchange at
“O Pear” !


About surrealestatenyc

Surreal Estate is Brooklyn's largest and most diverse live/work arts and activism collective.
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