Surreal Estate Is Closed

Surreal Estate has been closed since July 3rd, 2011. Thank you.

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People with Teeth TONIGHT (3/11) at Surreal Estate

experimental hip-hop, folk, alt. rock, punk
March 11th 9:30PM

Ellis Ashbrook (Brooklyn, NY)
People With Teeth (Brooklyn, NY)
Shane Hall (Worcester, MA)
Wellness Exchange (Manhattan, NY)
JESSE DANGEROUSLY (fuggin’ Canada!)
Finnegan’s 10-in-One Circus Sideshow (Brooklyn, NY)

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SITE Fest at Surreal Estate


SATURDAY NIGHT: MARCH 5, 7PM-1AM performances. Suggested donation $5 SUNDAY AFTERNOON: MARCH 6, 2PM-6PM. open house with installations by Alejandro Acierto and Ivy Castellanos

COLLABORATIONS AND INFLUENCES: Collaborative artists present solo work,asking how their collaborations influence them, and solo artists speak to influences arising outside of collaboration…

Alejandro Acierto (installation with performance on Saturday night)
Gelsey Bell (performing from her solo song cycle “Bathroom Songs”)
Hector Canonge (performs ‘Ocular-Trance-Ocular’ with Maria Fernanda Hubeaut)
Ivy Castellanos (installation with performance on Saturday night)
Brian McCorkle (music/performance)
Esther Neff (video/theater)
Paul Pinto (experimental music)
Brian Rady (theater/performance)
Matthew Stephen Smith (theater, excerpt from an upcoming one-man show)
Meghann Snow (performance art)

Surreal Estate
15 Thames
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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The Dark Night of Shiva Show

Thursday, March 3 at 7:30pm – March 4 at 12:30am
Sengalese traditional Jali storyteller, Malang Jobarteh, will play the Kora.
FABLE: “A Hip-Hop Aesop” by J.e Franklin performed by Ron Haynie and LV Smith.
Poet, Sparrow, will teach meditation and humor.
Hear outrageously fascinating riffs on consciousness
by the scholar, man-about-town and eloquent scientist, Vox Lux Illuminati.
Riffy Rap Patter on Shiva by Quinn Hechtkopf.
Yoga dancer, Amazing Amy, dances in honor of Shiva with Tim Rusterholz playing the cello and Anne Bassen improvising.
Artistic, informational and fun clips
on the themes relating to Shiva (consciousness and the Inner Self) will be offered.

A long night to refresh the Spirit and spring clean the soul.

Learn about the theme of Shiva here:
$5 chip-in to help from our friends, requested.

Dress as a Wild Man of Shiva to join the Shiva Dance Contest.

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Independent Media (Have A) Blast

Saturday, February 12th, 5-8:30PM

Surreal Estate | 15 Thames St. | Brooklyn NY

Join us for Happy Hour at Reading Chaos, a gathering to celebrate and support independent media in the face of an ever homogenizing corporate machine.
$5 Suggested Donation

Refreshments & Food For Thought
Sponsored by
Oliver Arts & Open Press
with Surreal Estate NYC

take the L to Morgan Ave. to SEE to HEAR
reading by:
adam engel author of CELLA FANTASTIK and
phil rockstroh
the poet and essayist and
Helen Tzagoloff author of LISTENING TO THE THUNDER
eric larsen author of YORICK published by oliver arts and open press
Gregory Marszal author of I AM NOT DEAD
alan salant
author of ABLONG published by oliver arts and open press
(as read by Quinn Hechtkopf)
barbara mor
author of THE BLUE RENTAL published by oliver arts and open press
(as read by Marg Uerite)

video & infotainment by Priya Warcry and Many More TBA 
illustration by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Lucy Valkury, J Zannoni, Nick Zedd, Monica Casanova,Tamara Wyndham, & Peter Missing
speakers from Trigger93 Magazine (Ayesha Adamo, Tamara Wyndham) & Writing Chaos Writers Group
(workshops are for elves not writers) Music by DJ Hidden Agenda &
Singers, Songwriters, & Musicians of Surreal Estate with
special thanks to Eric Blitz, Brian McCorkle, & Ken Bradburd.
+ Zines, T-shirts, Prints, & More

To offer your publication or other media for sale or free at Reading Chaos please contact
reading is an intense form of writing reading is an intense form of writing reading is


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“O Pear” Variety Show

Wednesday, February 2, 7:00 – 9:15 then a dance party ’til 11:00

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve of the [Chinese] Year of the Rabbit

“O Pear”
a place to relax and have fun,
Twice monthly, sometimes thrice....February 2nd, Inaugural Salon

Features: Proto, the Protean Comic,
who will deliver the Protocol: as conceived by literary star & ex – copy writer,
Adam Engel.
As interpreted by
Jonah Ramu Cohen
“Oracle and Sage for Everybody like Us” by Jennifer Blowdryer,
“Reincarnation” Improvisation and interactional dance by Anne Bassen
Yoga Contortion Dancing,“Yoga Odyssey” celebrating beauty and pure movement
by Artist Amazing Amy Harlib
who performs Inspirational dance celebrating unique poetic movement:
Improvisational spoken word riffs
by Quinn Hechtkopf,
Interspersed with: “You Never Knew” Video mash-ups, pastiche from pop culture,
Slices of reality, with a bite.
Believe – it – or – not creatively
delivered news and information
-VJ’ed and curated by true-narrative searcher Marg Uerite,
Followed by DJ dance party @ 9:15
People who come for the earlier part of the evening, enter free.
Party like the New Year’s Eve it is…for the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.
Suggested donation: $10.


Please write to
ATTN: Pearl Chanter
if you would like to be involved in Surreal Estate’s latest monthly event:
“O Pear” variety show,
showcasing talent of all kinds
in addition to .
A gathering for underground personalities with a wealth to share,
friends and strangers stimulate exchange at
“O Pear” !

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12th Night….or What You Will

Surreal Estate welcomes Flashpan Theater and their production of 12th Night…or What You Will.

Reeling from the debaucheries of Twelfth Night, a kingdom boils over into chaos. The spirits of lust, booze, and violence erupt in characters trapped waiting for each others’ love in the longest January of their lives.

Flashpan Theater presents
Twelfth Night…or What you Will
by William Shakespeare

Director- Sarah Outhwaite
Composer- Andrei Pohorelsky
Set Designer- Doug Glass
Costume Designer- Kelly Zekas

Marianna Caldwell, Alexandra DeSantis, Olivia Estrella, Conor Fay, Claire Helene, David Loewy, Goeff Moonen, Brandon Peker, Jonah Ramu-Cohen, Dominique Salerno, Cynthia Vazquez

Friday January 21st at 8PM
Saturday January 22nd at 8PM
Friday January 28th at 8PM
Saturday January 29th at 8PM

Tickets available at (Search “Flashpan”)

Check out the preview video HERE

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